My World

Welcome folks…Sure glad to have you onboard…I love to go on adventures and push the limits…it is something that’s always been a part of me…I am married and have 2 wonderful children.

My interests are as varied as the folks I hope to interact with through this blog..Motorcycle Enthusiast and Rider (Ducati fan), Flying, Guitarist, Carpentry (Luthiery), Auto Enthusiast – don’t want to use the word “Petrolhead” (big 911 fan), Yoga, Spirituality, Travelling & last but not the least Diving (a few certs shy of a technical dive :))

I am also a foodie. I believe that a regional cuisine tells a story that if you listen hard enough leave clues, about generations that have gone by. I love horror, drama & suspense themes, so you would probably see a tinge of these in my writings!

Welcome to my blog friends. Would love to hear out your thoughts. Hope to have a good time – bouncing ideas!


8 thoughts on “My World

  1. OMG… You are a perfect match for my husband. LOL. I just couldn’t help notice the similarities. He is married with 2 kids. He is motorcycle obsessed !! He has a Norton Commando or two, a newer Honda go-fast motorcycle (I don’t know what type), used to own a Ducati (wishes he still did), is a foodie of sorts, loves his Seafood and fish tacos, loves a good tasty beer, loves music. His big dream is to someday go to The Isle of Mann,, eat his way through as many places around the world as he can. But enough about him. Enjoy your comments. Thanks for stopping by, I am going to read some of your articles now. Lynette

      • Pleased to meet you too. Hope to go diving in Malaysia next month, hopefully will have something for you

        Steven King…oh yeah…that’s a whole different story 😉 Am actually finishing up one of my own spooky tales…will get it out shortly…Love your write ups on WWII!! Feels like I am living through it all…am taking it in one day at a time!
        Thanks again for dropping by

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