Mt. White on a Duc

It was just another day. It started like any other.

But there was something in the air….a calling….a tingle from all the excitement and anticipation….snaking, abandoned roads….fleeting glimpse of the moon in my visor…a gust of wind rocking my helmet…..yes this has to be good.

Bunched up the keys on my table and almost ran to the elevator….short ride down to the basement…in the semi darkness in the abandoned dusty corner I could see it watching me approach….The Monster

What a beautifully unapologetic manifestation of a design….turn the key, jab the ignition and a wild primeval visceral growl brings the Monster to life…


Perch the beast and rev the air cooled engine a couple of times and the machine tries to breathe through its beautifully crafted L twin. Engage the cogs and release the clutch to lurch forward with a whiplash sending a shiver down your spine.

To be continued…


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